This is a technology that allows psychiatrists to provide care to underserved populations from anywhere through Video or Voice call.
Many people who need psychiatric services don’t have access to a provider. It can be challenging to reserve an appointment and get help when it’s critically important. To meet this need and bridge the current gap between patients and available providers, our Telepsychiatry programs are here to help. With secure technology and a caring, capable team of Telepsychiatry providers, we help people get access to quality care that might otherwise be unavailable.
Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine, is a means of delivering health care services at a distance.  This can occur over two – way interactive video, or electronically using the internet.


                                                       Benefits of Telehealth

  • Telehealth can bring previously unavailable health care services to your community.
  • By reducing the need to travel and to take time off from work, Telehealth can save time, money, and reduce some of the stress associated with the trip.
  • Telehealth can improve the continuity of care because your own health care practitioner (doctor, nurse, or case manager, for example) can be with you when you see the Psych-Md clinician.
  • Health care providers use Telehealth to consult with one another, to access up-to-date developments in their field, and for training and continuing education.

                                              Your Responsibilities as a Telehealth Patient

  • You must read and sign an Informed Consent for Telehealth Consultations form.
  • Let us know if you are uncomfortable, or are having difficulty seeing or hearing clearly.
  • If you  have questions, please ask!
  • After your consultation, please fill out a Patient Satisfaction form to help us improve our services.



Most of the time, you will be in an exam room that is equipped with a special television for two-way interactive video. On the TV monitor, you will see the Psych-Md Telepsychiatry clinician, who will be at a different location. You can speak to each other as though you were in the same room. Normally, the Psych-Md Telepsychiatry clinician and you are the only persons present. If there is a need for additional personnel to be present, your permission will be asked. You will introduce yourself and explain your symptoms to the Psych-Md Telepsychiatry clinician, who will probably ask you some questions. The Psych-Md Telepsychiatry clinician may ask the staff member in the room with you to get someone who can assist you in the examination. A discussion will follow to decide the next step..

Yes, in fact there are times when it may be preferred but the decision is based on your safety.

The Telepsychiatry clinician may ask your health care practitioner to assist. There are instruments specifically designed for telehealth that may help the Telepsychiatry clinician to see and hear better.

No, there are limitations to its use. Your health care practitioner and the PSYCH-MD Telepsychiatry clinician will help decide if telehealth is appropriate for you..

Telehealth sites are linked by dedicated, encrypted lines to protect privacy. Both ends of the consultation are in private rooms with closed doors. What does it cost to use telehealth? Does insurance cover telehealth consultations? At this time, the charge is no different than an in-person visit. Many insurers, including Medicaid, are covering most telehealth consultations..