Everyone gets angry from time to time and we all have different ways of controlling or dealing with our anger but realize it is not just about a result of an engagement gone wrong ,it’s psychological and mind you, it’s a Mental Health issue that should be talked about. ANGER breeds lots of negativities but the highest form of anger is HATRED.

Hate, Haters and Hatred are dreadful to your mind because you will be receptive to no good vibes, its all pessimistic tendencies or resentments, these are unhealthy to your Mental Health and you know what HATE does? corrodes the container that carries it which is your mind, so be careful what you 'let in’. It is very important, don’t feed yourself with negativities.


However anger is perceived, it differs from person to person and not limited to;

  • Heavy breathing
  • Clenched fists
  • Clenched teeth
  • Tension in your shoulder
  • Heart Rate Increase

If these things stated above happens naturally almost without you prompting it then there is a problem and you can adopt these curative measures to salvage any event that may cause you to 'lose it'

  • If you feel an event will make you angry, don’t attend or if you are there already and things are going the way you envisaged 'leave'.
  • Write down things on your mind on a sheet of paper before bed and when you wake up shred the paper to pieces without looking at it. It’s a new day'.
  • Practice breathing exercises by timing your inhaling and exhaling.
  • Listen to cool music the likes of FELA, BOB MARLEY, KENNY G etc.
  • Be brave; talk about it' this is the best therapy because a problem shared is half solved.